Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twister Outbreak 2010

I know it's Tuesday but I'm just now getting over my weekend! Friday afternoon I decided I would head back to Kansas City to visit my mom to celebrate Mother's Day. It was a last minute decision but Joe was working all weekend so I figured it might be nice to get away for the weekend. I LOVE going home because my parents live on the most peaceful farm. I swear you drive down the (gravel) road and your blood pressure lowers! Ha!

Saturday morning my childhood best friend Shawna, her mom and her little girl Isabelle and I went to the KC Zoo. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. I love this little girl!!

Then on Saturday night my parents and I made our own pizza crusts for homemade pizza. I don't think I would be cut out to work at a pizzeria! Ha! I love this picture of my parents.

By the way, I have decided that Olive Garden puts garlic powder on the bottom of their pizza crust. It is THE BEST.

I decided on Sunday night that I wasn't ready to go home so I planned to leave early Monday morning.

I always say God laughs at our plans because this was before Twister Outbreak of 2010 decided to erupt across Kansas and Oklahoma.

My mom and Joe both forbade me to come home so I stayed another day and prayed (PRAYED A LOT) that our house would still be standing when Joe got home from work.

Luckily our house was saved but there was damage in our town and several people lost their lives in Oklahoma (not to mention the houses that were destroyed). I have very good friends who are storm chasers in Oklahoma and even they were intimidated by these storms.

Oh boy, Spring in the Midwest...


Ams said...

Glad that your house is still standing... but such insanity with these twisters :(
So scary!!
I want to come to your parents farm... life is too much for me right now and I think that THAT would do the trick!

Annie said...

I was FREAKING OUT listening to the storm chasers online. Everywhere a tornado touched down, I knew someone in that town. Praise God all of my friends and family are safe. And you too! I did have a friend whose car was destroyed by hail though. So scary! I DREAD going back to tornado season in OK. Stay safe my friend!


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