Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Dog. He Takes Xanax.

Several years ago we noticed a change in our home during storm season; Boomer developed storm anxiety. With every bolt of lightning there would be pacing, panting and whining. And Boomer was even worse.

So eventually, after many talks with the vet, we decided it was time to start giving him something to ease his fears (and allow me to sleep through the night). Doggie Xanax. It's not like we jumped right to it. We tried the standard tricks for relieving anxiety first. Taking a walk, counting to ten, journaling.

Oh I'm totally kidding.

Boomer can't count past five.

But in the end, it was the pills that did the trick. And I am convinced his health is better now that he's not wringing his paws over every raindrop.

How do your pets handle the spring storms?


Brittany Ann said...

I think we need to do that for Marvin, too. But not during storms. When he's left alone. I think he has separation anxiety!

Annie said...

Awe! Poor Boomer. All three of my dogs seem to weather storms pretty well. I guess it's like growing up in Oklahoma--you just get used to it! I hope his fears are relieved soon.


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