Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Night

Last night Joe and I had our weekly dance lesson. We are learning the Argentine Tango (I won't tell you how many times I've said to myself "it takes two to tango" during class! Ha!). Oh, did I ever show you my new professional dance shoes? Gold glitter shoes, I can't quit you.

We came home and look who was waiting for us at the door! I don't think he missed us at all!

I have been CRAVING a banana split so Joe went to the store to get all the fixin's. I ate a huge bowl and proceeded to get a huge stomach ache! Ha!

It's totally healthy though because of all the FRUIT.

Hope you had a happy hump day!


Annie said...

My word I love those shoes! I'd wear them to bed I think. And I'm so jealous you're taking dance lessons! I so want to.

Moya said...

Brittany I love the new blog! I was so confused for a minute though wondering when I had started following Living Life Abundantly:-D

Brittany Ann said...

Love those glittery shoes!

Left you something on my blog!

Ams said...

Oh the dance shoes are goooorgeous! I have been craving a banana split too... Mmmm... That looks so good :)


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